Aegean Holiday House

An existing client and good friend spoke about the problems his friend was having at his private golf course in Greece. He wanted to build a clubhouse & so had more than ten designs made, none of which he liked. He mentioned to the owner that he knew of a woodcarver who would find this project interesting and might produce a pleasing design.

Initially I made up four very quick scribble sketches of tumbled down farm buildings possibly ancient Greek temples that had fallen into massive decay and then converted into a gold club house.

The owner loved the idea, but wasn’t sure it would work in the location so I was invited out for a week’s holiday hoping I might find time to develop the ideas whilst there. I had a lovely time, swimming and visiting nearby islands on his yacht.

On the fourth day the client pleasantly asked if I had given any thoughts to the designs, but they were already drawn & finished, plus the land was marked out for the build, stakes and string marking the walls. I handed over my drawings and took him up to see my proposed location.

He was delighted and surprised, and asked how I had done all this whilst still joining in the activities. However little did he know I had been getting up at 6am and working for four hours each morning before breakfast.

Over a six week period before Easter the following year, six craftsmen from Lillyfee Woodcarving Studio and fourteen local Greek stone masons started and completed the build.
We sourced antique stone from a demolition building north of Athens, and timbers from a local salvage yard. New carved elements we secured with ropes and left in the sea to weather and age the wood for several weeks.

These clients have become firm friends and we have returned many time since to carry out other interesting projects.