Life at Lillyfee:

Lillyfee Woodcarving Studio is a renaissance workshop where a team of Artists and Craftsmen create style. Lillyfee is run by Colin Mantripp - Master Carver - and his team, the Lillyfee Orchestra.

Since 1994, the team has been involved in numerous projects. Handmade, hand-carved, using only the finest materials and traditional methods, combined with great craftsmanship.


Lillyfee has strength and life. We are small enough to allow the skills and talents of each Artist or Craftsperson working here to shine forth. We can handle large projects quickly, efficiently and with flair.


The workshop is located in a charming yet functional 250 year old grade II listed barn in the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside, situated high in the Chiltern Hills, 25 miles from London.



Colin Mantripp:

“I have been involved in Arts & Craft and furniture design since my world began. As a small child, strong debates would rage over the quality of one artist versus another. Line and form is everything, and grace expands from what you make with your hands, your mind and your eyes.”



I am very interested in ecology, the intelligent and careful use of rare materials. I hate waste. All our waste timber shavings and sawdust are recycled to heat the studio throughout the cold winter months, apart from that which we deliver to our local farmer for animal litter and bedding.


For projects wherever possible, we use local woods and timber from sustainable forests, and truly value the world and the beauty that it contains. We work hard to ensure that the majority our timbers are from green verified, plantation grown stocks rather than virgin forest. Occasionally when available we delight in using local wind-blown timber which we have converted and seasoned ourselves at Lillyfee.


At present we have stocks of burr oak, walnut, lime wood and a limited amount of acacia which has been obtained in this way.



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